We create the entire website for you.
But it is not everything!

A modern website is one that can be easily found among thousands of others when you enter keywords for a given industry, for example: “refurbishments Rzeszów”, “cheap refurbishments Rzeszów”, or “optician in the centre of Poznań”.

However, do you know what Internet users enter in search of services like yours? Or what needs to be done so that they find your website and then click on it if you have already entered these words?

We know it, and this knowledge is contained in the positioning service. We constantly track frequent changes in the Google search engine, which cause turmoil in results, looking at growing competition in your industry and taking further steps to position your website honestly yet effectively.

Why honestly?

Because only honest effects will not expose your website to any unpleasantness on the part of Google, as this company cares about which websites are included in the search results and looks at the hands of all those who want to get results incorrectly and too quickly. We focus on the originality of content written especially for you, but also bear in mind Google search algorithms, the correctness of the website design of and all links that lead to it from the Internet resources.

How does it look in practice?
  • Keyword selection

    First of all, we check the key phrases for your website and help you make the optimal choice.

  • Positioning

    Secondly, we position the website based on the phrases you choose.

  • Payment for the effect only

    When the website starts appearing on the first page of Google search results, there is a fee for positioning effects.


In the case of websites with the e-store function, we suggest a different positioning model and method. In this case, we do not arrange any specific phrases or keywords. The reason is that in this model of cooperation it is not important what words the customer puts in the search engine, but it is important that customers go to your store through our actions. It is our job to bring as many of these customers to you as possible. That is why you do not choose specific positioning phrases. We will not give them to you either. We settle for the traffic.

We only count organic traffic, whether someone your store with Google’s free search results. This is shown to us by independent Google Analytics statistics, which we give you access to.

But Headway is not only positioning…
  • Websites
    Effective and modern.

    A website constitutes the basis of your image online. Make it professional – cooperate with the best.

  • Store website
    A website and a store in one.

    If you would like to sell your products online, do not resign from your website! We have an innovative solution – a store website which combines the information and image function with professional e-commerce.

  • Visual identification
    Design of a logo, business cards and other

    What is a company website without a professional and modern logo? How does the company present itself without a logo? Or without business cards? We can also design all of this efficiently and cheaply.

  • Copywriting
    We do not write for the sake of writing.

    We have a light pen, a vivid imagination and a knack for the written word. The following words of Julian Tuwim are close to us: “To write so that the words are tight yet the thoughts are spacious”.

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