Online stores

Online stores – we combine good ideas

Invite your customers to a place where they can get to know your offer thoroughly and use it instantly. Elegant design, practical solutions and convenient online sales – it’s time for multiplied functionality! The most modern, most convenient and simplest tool for the presentation and sale of your services and/or products for only PLN 99 per month.

Support for store functions? It’s simple and intuitive!

Thanks to your store website, you do not need to get a PhD in e-commerce or IT.

A website store is our original idea – a functional combination of an online store with a classic website with any volume of information concerning the company and services. Easy to use, transparent for customers. What more could you want? Although we suggest a number of options, you do not have to use them right away, especially when you make your first steps in e-commerce.

Internet payments

We will configure the payment systems you have selected (e.g. PayPal,,


Any delivery options to your customers. Various possibilities.

Warehouse support

Full inventory management if you need this option.

Sales reports

Check what is sold, when, and in what quantities. The reports will keep you up to date.


We provide many ways to encourage customers: promotions, free delivery, banner ads and more.


Different industries, different tax rates. You can configure your rates whenever there is a need (e.g. change in regulations).

Individual graphic design and contents

Your website store or online store will be created by real professionals. Our analysts and graphic designers with many years of experience will design its logic and graphic design, while text specialists (copywriters) will fill it with content. All this within a subscription of PLN 99 / month.
You will only be concerned about the assortment (selection, photos, description of products and their insertion) and formalities related to conducting online commerce, but we also offer advice in this case. Legal requirements, terms of use, purchase rules – we also advise in all of these aspects if you take the first steps. Ask your personal mentor!

Multiplied functionality – learn more about the functions of your website store

Choose the functions that interest you – some of them require additional fees for suppliers.

SEO optimisation

Support for Internet payments

Advanced delivery functions

Integration with

Integration with

Integration with

Integration with Ską

Integration with

Integration with

Integration with Przelewy24

Integration with

Integration with Freshmail

Printing orders and labels

CDN – increased efficiency

Advanced cache system

Instant search

Coupon support

Virtual products

Directory mode

Configuration of discounts

Full optimisation of page loading speed

Unlimited possibilities for side column configuration

Exemplary implementations

The industry or sales volume is not important. A store website is for every type of business!

Our website store is used by customers who are just beginning their adventure with e-commerce, manufacturers looking for an attractive form of product presentation (not always selling them via the Internet) or companies that conduct extensive sales on the Internet. We have helped them all!

But Headway is not only about creating online stores…
  • Websites
    Effective and modern.

    A website constitutes the basis of your image online. Make it professional – cooperate with the best.

  • Visual identification
    Design of a logo, business cards and other

    What is a company website without a professional and modern logo? How does the company present itself without a logo? Or without business cards? We can also design all of this efficiently and cheaply.

  • Positioning
    Let yourself be found on Google!

    It’s important to ensure that your website is included in Google search results, because it is where you customers are looking for you. You only pay for the effects, using the cheapest positioning on the market.

  • Copywriting
    We do not write for the sake of writing.

    We have a light pen, a vivid imagination and a knack for the written word. The following words of Julian Tuwim are close to us: “To write so that the words are tight yet the thoughts are spacious”.

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